School Ministry Mailing – April 2023

LCMS School Ministry Mailing
April 2023

The April 2023 edition of the LCMS School Ministry Mailing is available for use and distribution! Articles this month include the following:

  • Alight
    “Resurrection Resilience”
    • Rev. Dr. James Baneck
  • Community and Enrollment
    “Article 8: Community vs. Individualism”
    • Dr. Kristen Newell
  • Early Childhood Devotions
    “God Chooses Jesus to Save Us (Jesus Lives!)”
    • Dr. Judith Christian
  • Family Matters
    “Lifelong Disciples … Discern Truth”
    • Dr. Steven Christopher
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
    “When Behavior Has Peaked”
    • Dr. Kara Bratton
  • Parent Pages
    “Teaching Children to Be Helpers”
    • Dr. Kim Marxhausen
  • Professionally Speaking
    “Accreditation? What’s the Big Deal?”
    • Mr. Jim Scriven
  • Rattles & Prattles
    “God Chose Jesus, His Son, to be The/Our Savior”
    • Mrs. Judy Williams
  • School Shepherd
    “Making Disciples of All Nations”
    • Rev. Robert Riggert
  • Time Out for Directors
    “Read, Write & Share the Good News!”
    • Dr. Drew Gerdes
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