LCMS School Ministry Mailing (October 2016)

LCMS School Ministry Mailing
(October 2016)

The October 2016 edition of the LCMS School Ministry Mailing is available for use and distribution! Articles this month include the following:

Alight – “An Opinion: Are Our Schools Parochial?”
Computer File – “The Challenge of Technology: Social Media”
Early Childhood Devotions – “God Rescues Baby Moses”
Family Matters – “Upon This Rock: The Rock of Love”
Growing in Governing – “Good Communication: What Is Your Plan”
Insights and Ideas – “Fire From Heaven”
NLSA Powerful Practices – St. Paul Lutheran School, Fort Worth, TX
Parent Pages – “Upon this Rock: Luther’s Legacy”
Professionally Speaking – “Boldness in Ministry”
Rattles and Prattles – “God Rescues Baby Moses at Just the Right Time”
School Shepherd – “Rock-Solid Shepherds Teach”
Time Out for Directors – “A Day in the Life of an Early Childhood Director”

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