Social Media

Connecting Educators and Ministries!

Did you know that the LCMS School Ministry Office is currently engaged online through multiple social media presences? Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others, School Ministry is working to develop communities and bring together those working in Lutheran education. Using the #LuthEd hashtag throughout all online spaces allows for this networking to take place in ways which were impossible in the past. Be sure to connect with your fellow Lutheran educators through the many links below!

#LuthEd Twitter Chat

Join the #LuthEd Chat

Every Monday night at 9pmET, Lutheran educators from around the country and the world gather on Twitter to discuss a topic relevant to Lutheran education.  Using the #LuthEd hashtag to organize the conversation, the chat runs for an hour and usually contains six questions to get the group thinking. If you are on Twitter, join in on Monday nights!

Upcoming Schedule

2017-18 #LuthEd Chat Schedule

In order to participate in the  chat and to see topics of upcoming chats, check out the schedule linked below!  Also, we are always looking for additional moderators, so keep that in mind and connect with @mattbergholt if you would like to lead a chat!

Chat Archives

Since not everyone in Lutheran education can tune in every Monday night, transcripts of the discussions are archived using a tool called Storify. Simply search the #LuthEd hashtag on Twitter and look for a tweet shortly after 10pmET with the transcript of what went on during that Monday’s chat.  Be sure to check out the recent transcripts to see if you can learn something new or if you can share with a coworker!

What Do You Want to See?

As the School Ministry Department continues to explore the various online communities which exist among Lutheran church workers and educators, this Social Media page will continue to expand and be shaped by you, the community! That being said, what do you want to see here and what resources would serve you best in the social media space? Reach out to School Ministry with your thoughts and connect with Matthew Bergholt ( to share your ideas!