To reach the new LuthEd.org resource replacing the Lutheran School Portal, please use the link below.  Most of the resources previously found on the Portal are now available through this site and we will be completely transitioning to this new page throughout the month of July so that eventually by going to https://LuthEd.org you will reach the new site.


Go to the New LuthEd.org Website!




IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Throughout the month of July, we are in the process of transitioning to the new Church Worker Update (CWU) and Commissioned Minister Information Form (CMIF) systems which will replace the existing LEIF system.  All Rostered workers will need to update their CWU information through the https://cwu.lcms.org website and you are able to copy much of your LEIF information manually over into the new system before August 1, 2016.  If you do not know your login information for the CWU site, please contact the Office of Rosters and Statistics at Rosters.Stats@lcms.org


ACCESSING OR PRINTING YOUR LEIF: All Portal subscriptions are now expired, but current users of the Portal will still be able to access their LEIF through the “My LEIF” button or through the “Services” tab, and then “My LEIF”.  Even if you receive a message upon login stating that you do not have access, you will still be able to view, download, and print your LEIF.  If you are looking to print your LEIF, enter the “My LEIF” page and there is a “Print My LEIF” option near the bottom of the left column of links on the main LEIF page.


If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Bergholt in the LCMS School Ministry Office at Matthew.Bergholt@lcms.org.

Lutheran School Portal MAJOR UPDATE!

Lutheran School Portal Update Project

Anticipated Project Completion Date: June 30, 2016


The LCMS School Ministry Office is excited to officially announce a major project currently underway which will benefit all Lutheran schools and their workers!  Over the past years, our office has relied on a tool known as the Lutheran School Portal to deliver news, resources, and other content to member schools and teachers.  This system served our schools well and provided a much-needed support base and an avenue for communication.

However, with the many changes both in the world of technology as well as within the School Ministry Office, the time has come to update this tool to provide an even more amazing resource for all of Lutheran education!  Thus, coming in the summer of 2016, the Portal will have an entirely new look with greatly increased functionality.  Schools will no longer need to subscribe to access the resources and information contained within; everything will be completely free and not require a username or password! The intent is to allow for greater communication, collaboration, and resource-sharing among all workers within the Lutheran education system as a whole. 

With this update there are many changes which will affect all current and past users of the existing Portal. To prepare for these coming changes, please be sure to read through all of the information in the following sections as it will detail both the changes and any steps you will need to take in advance of the scheduled transition date.


Learn More About the Upcoming Changes Here

We are extremely excited to see this new resource come to fruition and we hope that it will be a great benefit to all who work in Lutheran education!  May God continue to bless your work with Lutheran schools!


The LCMS Office of School Ministry

Terry Schmidt, Director

Dr. Rebecca Schmidt, Assoc. Director

Matthew Bergholt, Coord. – Online Support and Services

Susan Green, Coord. – NLSA and LSCS


National Lutheran Schools Week Resources

The 2016 National Lutheran Schools Week resources are posted!

Go to: http://lcms.org/lutheranschoolsweek to download the manual, images, and other resources!



NLSW 2016 Theme: Life Together

Theme Verse: “God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” 

1 Corinthians 1:9 (ESV)

NLSW Dates: January 24 – January 30, 2016 


Witness, Mercy, Life Together — In Christ, for the Church and the World: These three phrases illustrate how the church lives and works together to proclaim the Gospel and to provide for our brothers and sisters in Christ in our congregations, communities and throughout the world. In all we do, Christ is at the center, leading us, sustaining us, keeping us focused.


National Distinguished Principal 2015

Scott Schumacher, principal of St. Peter's Lutheran School, Columbus, IN is one of 60 "National Distinguished Principals" chosen by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) for 2015!

At St. Peter's Lutheran School, which serves just over 400 K-8 students, Scott Schumacher has been principal for the last ten years. During that time, he has been able to earn his school multiple “A” recognitions from the state as well as an “Exemplary” status from the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) in 2012—an award that has only been given to 29 of 2,300 Lutheran schools in the country. Contributing to Schumacher's success is his emphasis on professional development and his ability to build strong partnerships. To encourage a goal-driven mindset, he has each of his staff members maintain personal professional growth plans. By exposing them to Curriculum Mapping, Bloom's Taxonomy, and other instructional approaches, Schumacher has been able to shape aspiring leaders. “Not only did Scott see something in me, but he also made it clear that he valued and believed in me,” says teacher and Curriculum Coach Julie Dietrich. As a strong communicator, Schumacher has been able to connect with parents and community members on multiple levels. Parents serve as Book Buddies, Lunch Buddies, provide input in curriculum development, and volunteer regularly. Schumacher also works with the local public schools, where he has gained support for hearing, speech, and Individual Education Plan efforts. He currently serves as the Executive Committee Chair Elect for NLSA. He holds a B.A. from Concordia University and an M.S. from Butler University.

NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE: http://www.naesp.org/ndp2015bios/schumacher 

Chapel Talks 2015-2016

Chapel Talks 2015-2016 is Still Available!


If you would like the PDF version of the Chapel Talks as a FREE download,please visit the LCMS Document Library (http://www.lcms.org/documentlibrary) to get a copy of this year's Chapel talks as well as previous years copies.



If you need to purchase a hard copy of the Chapel Talks book, please use the Chapel Talks 2015-2016 Order Form.

 If you have any questions please contact Matthew Bergholt at 314-996-1285 or via email at Matthew.Bergholt@lcms.org


In His Hands - NEW RELEASE

In His Hands (2014 Edition) - Updated Information!

In His Hands is a manual intended for leaders and board members of early childhood programs that are freestanding or associated with a Lutheran elementary school. This valuable resource provides direction as new programs are developed and support for existing centers in the operation and management of excellent early childhood programs. Additionally, a collection of 22 handouts and forms referenced in the manual, and designed to be adapted for use in centers, is available in a downloadable format. (Klopke, Julie and Williams, Judy, Editors Fourth Edition, Copyright 2014)

This resource is available as both a FREE downloadable PDF as well as a hard-copy, soft-cover book for purchase.  Additionally, the collection of handouts and forms is a separate item for download as a PDF only. All items are described below:

In His Hands (Downloadable, PDF)

4th Edition, ©2014

Cost: FREE


In His Hands (Book, Soft Bound)

4th Edition, ©2014

Cost: $35.00


In His Hands - Handouts and Forms (Downloadable, PDF)


Cost: FREE

If you would like the PDF version of the In His Hands manual and forms as a FREE download, please visit the LCMS Document Library (http://www.lcms.org/documentlibrary) to get your copy today!


If you need to purchase a hard copy of the In His Hands manual, please use the In His Hands Order Form.


 If you have any questions please contact Matthew Bergholt at 314-996-1285 or via email at Matthew.Bergholt@lcms.org


Classical Lutheran Education

The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education (www.CCLE.org)


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